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Osiris Hot Tubs



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Exterior Dimensions: (LxWxH) 82.67” x 66.92” x 33.46”
Seating Capacity: 4 People
Water Capacity: 258 Gallons
Dry Weight: 590 lbs.


Power Supply: 220-240v/60HZ
Maximum Current: 46A or 21A (with interlock system)
Control System: BALBOA (BP100G2 + TP600)
Energy Saving Circulation Pump: 1x0 3.5HP (WTC 50m)
Massage Water Pump: 2x3HP (56WUA300-I)
Air Blower: No
Heater: BALBOA m7 5.5KW
CD Ozonator: 1x50mg/h
Color Changing LED Lights: 18pcs
Jet Configurations:
Total Quantity of Jets (304 Stainless Steel Trim) 47pcs
3.5” Hydrotherapy Jets: 1pc
3” Hydrotherapy Jets: 12pcs
2” Hydrotherapy Jets: 20pcs
1” Hydrotherapy Jets: 10pcs
1” Circulation Jets: 4pcs
Air Nozzles: No

Structure and Plumbing:

Shell (.31) USA Airstrech Acrylics
High Density PU Insulation Foam on Shell: 1”
Skirt: Maintenance Free PS Panel
Aluminum Foil Insulation on Skirt Panel: .59”
Spa Cover: (4”) 1pc
Supporting Frame: Stainless Steele
Ozone Injector and Mixer: 1 set
Automatic Air Escape System: 1 set
Paper Filter: 1pc
Headrest with Logo and LED Lights: 2pcs
Heat Releasing Grill: 2pcs
Air Valve: 2pcs
Fountain Switch: 1pc
Corner Drain: 1pc
Spa Bottom Drain: 1pc
ABS Bottom Base: (.19”) 1pc
Fountain Jets with LED Lights: 3pcs

Selling Points:

100% No Leak Plumbing
Independent Filtration System
Quiet and Energy Saving Circulation System
Exclusive plumbing for complete water Draining of pipes
Automatic Air Escape System
Automatic Anti Freezing System
Automatic Water Shortage System
Automatic Overvoltage Protection System
Foot Massage

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